Kobert International Puts Smiles On Prize Winners’ And Customers’ Faces Alike

Feb 04, 2015

Kobert Products Take The Stress Out of Everyday Life

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 16, 2015 ) Auckland, New Zealand — Kobert International recently sponsored two products for the Gifts For The Gang Competition, who was held from 25 November to 25 December 2014. It was part of the prizes handed out just in time for Christmas to two lucky winners.

They wish to congratulate the winners of the following Kobert products:

• Kobert Waterproof Case: Jake Bray from Indianapolis
• Kobert Exercise Armband: Danielle Billy from Fayetteville

Products for another two upcoming competitions during January and February will also be sponsored by Kobert International.

Kobert International aims to introduce their products in a fun way by sponsoring a few competitions, and it simultaneously gives them great pleasure to sponsor products as prizes to brighten up people’s lives. The cell phone accessories that they sell are all focused on making life as stress free as possible for their customers by taking care of their expensive electronic equipment while they go about their day.

The Kobert Waterproof Case, including the new Kobert Eco-friendly Waterproof Case to be launched within a few days, are both cell phone accessories to primarily protect cameras and cell phones from humidity, scratches, dirt, water and snow. The users of it can relax while taking photos and using their phones, with the knowledge that their expensive electronic devices are kept safe from the elements.

The Kobert Exercise Armband frees up their owners’ hands and gives peace of mind while they are going to the gym, doing chores, exercise, walking with the dogs, taking care of the house and/or kids or just have their cell phone handy for that important phone call they do not want to miss. The armband also protects their cell phones from scratches, dirt and rainy weather (…and do not forget small kids’ hands!) while they go about their day.

Kobert International’s customers find very creative and interesting ways to use their products (reviews on Amazon.com):

• Kobert Waterproof Case

“… Having kids and keeping them busy is a daily job, rain or shine. Since I’m of the mind that kids should be outside in the fresh air, my phone has to be durable and its case must be the same. With this waterproof case I’m able to enjoy puddle jumping, seaside picnics, and any other activity my kids can invent. As well, because I can use both the front and back cameras with the case, we can capture photo-worthy moments even in the rain or the waves. Being in the wet Northeast, I can safely say I’ve tested the Kobert case in several types of inclement weather. I hang it around my neck with the included lanyard and shovel [snow on] the front steps and have had no issues…” (Stuck At Home Mom)

• Kobert Exercise Armband:

“…I wear this pretty often actually, including when I’m cleaning the house. It’s great to wear this, listen to music while vacuuming, and not have to worry about dropping my phone or being distracted at all by it. My hands are free to clean or do what I like. I also wear this when I’m applying a face mask, doing my hair and makeup, and any other time I want to listen to music privately or talk on the phone and still have my hands free. I’ve never had a problem with this, it’s never slipped off or gotten itchy or any of the other issues I usually have with armbands…” (StepfordGuide)

Kobert International wants to thank their customers for their ongoing support. They are committed to customer satisfaction and appreciate feedback on their Amazon.com product pages.

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